We are confident that our extensive database, software tools, technology, and services will help solve some of the industry challenges, mainly in the structural analysis and modifications field, the accumulation/retention of the generated structural models with the current loading, and the immediate availability of the data to the customer's entire enterprise for further analysis and management support.




Full commitment to the highest levels of Engineering Quality. All work is done in full compliance with the latest adopted ANSI/EIA/TIA standards. Able to adjust software rapidly to changing standards (EIA/TIA F vs G, Imperial units vs Metric, Brazilian NBR, and Mexico's 2008 C.F.E).


Speed & Tools

Analysis and Mod timelines are industry leading during both peak and moderate volume – Automated patented monopole solution. Software tools have no comparison in the industry. Database and other tools built into the system.



Senior Management team offers > 100 years of Telecom experience. Have performed as consultants and within a Tower Company and develop solutions with a Tower Company in mind. Experienced full team of engineers, draftsmen, and support team.

reduce costs

Reduce Costs

TES offers competetive engineering rates. Our cycle time improvement quickens network installation or lease commitment and our patented Link-Plate solution for poles reduces costs in a meaningful fashion. TES will review high priced modifications for cost reductions.



TES solves many of the challenges facing the wireless industry today through our Safety and Compliance Engineering systems, processes and automation. This design allows for rapid and cost effective solutions to eliminate and address these challenges.

data collection

Track Record

Very successful and valuable provider for multiple tower portfolios. Excellent performance for major tower owner – Eliminated questions from customers on cycle time in all areas and costs for tower mods. Tremendous experience supporting all of our clients

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We are confident that our extensive database, software tools, technology, and services will help solve some of the industry challenges, mainly in the structural analysis and modifications field, the accumulation/retention of the generated structural models with the current loading, and the immediate avilability of the data to the customer's entire enterprise for further analysis and management support.

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Link-Plate Solution

  There are many features that make the Link-Plates attractive. Foremost is the cycle time for mod completion. We have completed turn-key Link-Plate modifications on numerous sites with an average cycle time from award to close-out of 30 days. In most cases product is shipping within 3 to 5 days from receipt of PO.

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Mount Analysis

  As carriers upgrade to 4G, LTE, and eventually 5G, larger antennas and radios will need to be installed on the existing mounts and we know that most existing mounts were not designed to support the increase in weight and wind force. Carriers are being taxed with having the mounts analyzed prior to installing the new antennas. We have integrated the mount analysis tool into our proprietary tower/pole analysis modules and the mount is analyzed at the same time the tower is.


Structural Analysis

  With a turnaround time second to none, we credit our efficiency to our proprietary state of the art software. The software was developed internally during the past years, within a framework designed to expand into many management modules. It is a full-fledged Microsoft SQL Server based database designed to store and query large amounts of data inline and online (via our client portal).

  The structural model and antenna loading are warehoused and are available for subsequent collocation requests for a greatly reduced fee, and an even faster turnaround time. Also, the model and the associated antenna data are available to the tower owner enterprise through our online query module.

  Remote access and analysis to the accumulated data from the above structural analysis through the Internet. This consists of supplying the tower owner with a query module that allows anyone in that organization to examine, query, and review the structure usage percentages of any of the sites, by multiple criteria. All structural analysis results will also be available online and can be viewed, printed, or emailed. by anyone with sufficient access. Please note that in all cases, the data accumulated int he database is the tower owner property, but will be administered by TES to ensure its consistency, and safeguard our liability.


TIA Inspections

  In order to comply with EIA/TIA-222-F/G Standards, poles and towers are required to be climbed and inspected on a periodic basis and inspection reports generated would need to be reviewed b a competent tower structural engineer in order to detect any deficiencies in the actual condition of the structure. Also, the EIA/TIA-222-F/G Standard requires the anchors of guyed towers to be physically inspected for any corrosion that would have occured over the years, depending on the age of tower, soil type, and resistivity.

  We developed a state of the art process (scoring system) that addressed this industry wide dilemma once and for all, in a systematic and fail safe way. This unique scoring system was calibrated against real corroded anchors observed in the field. We scored around 8000 towers and modified hundreds of anchors. TES will procure and manage the inspections with the help of the state the art inspections tracker developed specifically for that purpose. Our engineers would then review the reports and assess the condition of the tower and document into the tracker the outcome of the review. If deficiencies are found, we would then generate remediation plans in order to bring the tower back into compliance.

  Access to all inspection data and tracker would be available online, if desired.


Modification Drawings

  Again, we credit our efficiency to state of the art software, which we can demonstrate. Our patented monopole modifications and pricing are automated through our software and our patented "link-plate" material is available for shipping within a day or two.

  Once we modify a structure within our software, the structural model that resides in our database would reflect that modification in a consistent manner, as opposed to some of the propriety retrofits performed by others that no one else can re-analyze if needed, especially if the other party is no longer in business.

  TES will provide all modification drawings as required and upon a failed structural analysis, TES will provide a summary of recommended modifications along with an estimate of the cost modifications.


Modifcation Turnkey

  Our construction management division is responsible for ensuring the tower/pole modification turnkey projects are completed on time, on budget, and most importantly, safely. Our proprietary project management tool provides a portal for all involved parties from steel manufacturers, to installers to log in and report the progress milestones making the project reporting very accurate and live.

  Part of our team's responsibilty is to conduct random safety audits to ensure that our crews and contractors are safe and compliant. All audit results are available on our client portal.

About Us

Management Team

Robert Semaan

Robert Semaan

University of Nebraska-Omaha
Master of Structural Engineering

  Since 1990, Mr. Robert Semaan P.E., S.E., the founder of Tower Engineering Solutions (TES) and Semaan Engineering Solutions (SES), has provided state-of­‐the-art structural engineering solutions to over 54,000 towers in the US. Mr. Semaan has earned a Bachelor and a Masters degree in Structural Engineering from the University of Nebraska and has succeeded in getting customers fully and efficiently operational in a timely manner whilst ensuring the safety, quality, and reliability of every cell site. One of Mr. Semaan’s previous firms, Semaan Engineering Solutions (SES), was acquired by American Tower Corp. (ATC) in 2007 after which he has served as Vice President of Engineering until December 2012. The Acquisition was a strategic one for ATC to streamline, modernize, and enhance its internal Engineering capabilities and was quoted by the CEO and previous CFO as “The best acquisition ATC has ever made”.

Email: robert.semaan@testower.us

Mustapha Assi

Mustapha Assi

Vice President Services
Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1983
Master of Science, Structural Engineering
University of Missouri-Columbia, 1985

  Mr. Assi’s work experience includes structural design and analysis for a variety of Telecommunications Steel towers in addition to hotels/casinos, institutional, commercial, and residential building, as well as mechanical equipment facilities platforms and foundation. The design experience encompasses structural design of steel, composite steel-concrete, concrete, post-tensioning concrete, timber, and masonry for low-rise and high-rise buildings with emphasis in seismic analysis. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in all 50 States.

Email: mustapha.assi@testower.us

Jaime Reyes

Jaime Reyes

Vice President Operations
BSCE University of Texas at Arlington

  38 years in communication tower design and construction experience. 10 Years as Vice President Engineering – LeBlanc Communications, Inc. 13 years as Director of Engineering – American Tower Corporation. 2 - communication tower related patents Licensed Professional Engineer in 45 States

Email: jaime.reyes@testower.us

Hanming You

Hanming You

Vice President Engineering
MS Civil/Structural Oklahoma State University
MS Civil/Structural South China Univ of Tech
BS Civil/Structural South China Univ of Tech

  22 years communication tower design experience 8 years as Assistant Professor – Civil Engineering Department, South China University of Technology 8 years as Manager of Engineering – American Tower Corporation 4 years as Senior Engineer – Fibrebond Resources 4 Years as Vice President Engineering (Business Partner) – Standard Tower Designers, Inc. 2 Year as Senior Engineer – Andrew Corporation 1 Year as Senior Engineer – LeBlanc Communications, Inc. 1 years as Tower Engineer – PathCom, Inc. 2 - communication tower related patents Licensed Professional Engineer in 22 States

Email: hanming.you@testower.us

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Support Contacts

For Engineering Support, Please Contact:
Jaime Reyes
Email: jaime.reyes@testower.us
For Business Related Support, Please Contact:
Robert Semaan
Email: robert.semaan@testower.us
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